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Record Keeping in a Legionella Control Regime

The Health and Safety Executive enforces duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act which requires UK Businesses with five or more employees to record any significant findings, including any groups of employees identified as being particularly at risk and the steps taken to prevent or control risks.

If you have less than five employees, you do not need to write anything down, although it is useful to keep a written record of what you have done.

Records should include details of the:

  1. Person or persons responsible for conducting the risk assessment, managing, and implementing the written scheme
  2. Significant findings of the risk assessment
  3. Written control scheme and details of its implementation
  4. Results of any inspection, test or check carried out, and the dates
  5. This should include details of the state of operation of the system, i.e. in use/not in use.

These records should be retained throughout the period for which they remain current and for at least two years after that period. Records kept in accordance with (4) should be retained for at least five years.

  • SERAM: recording legionella control on computer

    Computer Record Keeping : SERAM

    SERAM is our fabulous on-line system for managing legionella control, and can also be used used for any, and all, other areas of Health and Safety management and recording keeping, as an example many of our clients also use SERAM for records such as Fire, Asbestos, Pressure Testing, PAT Testing.  Once activated the SERAM system monitors and records the progress of management systems, and creates alerts if tasks are missed or if operating conditions deviate from control parameters. Simple to use and with multiple levels of access, SERAM  gives you control over management, operator and even contractor update procedures.

    Legionella Control: Paper Log Books

    Paper Log booksFor our clients that prefer paper instead of, or as well as, computer records, our legionella control logbook allows you to ensure your record keeping obligations are met. Our logbook allows you to ensure you have detailed records of the people and their responsibilities regarding the water management tasks such as  the risk assessment, and the implementation of the the written scheme.  The logbook allows you to record the significant findings of the risk assessment, the written scheme and details of its implementation; and the results and dates of any monitoring and inspection carried out. Our logbooks are supplied with an accompanying CD-ROM containing template files that will allow you to reproduce log sheets as necessary.

What our clients say:

    • Legionella control in action: Portfolio Manager – Housing Association
    • Due to social or health factors some of our service users are especially vulnerable; we have been pleased with Second Element’s flexible approach in meeting the needs of our vulnerable residents.

    • Legionella Control in Action: Purchasing Officer – Local Authority
    • We confirm that Second Element is trusted with our legionella control at over 1000 properties. We have chosen to work with Second Element year on year for seven consecutive years.


    • Legionella Control in Action: Water Management Team Leader – Local Authority
    • Our relationship with Second Element started a number of years ago after we tragically suffered a fatality at one of our premises; following a court case that required us to improve our legionella control systems, Second Element was appointed as our Legionella Consultant. Our specification to implement our legionella control regime to the highest standard, and the financial regulations’ requirements,  mean that we are required to continually test the market place for quality and value; we believe that Second Element are the best choice for peace of mind and quality