Primary Care Dentists & Legionella Control

Primary Care Dentists & Legionella ControlSecond Element provides vital advice and control measures to ensure the health and  safety of dental staff and patients by controlling legionella bacteria within dental unit water lines.

Richard Danielson, Director of Second Element, said research at the Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research, Porton Down, showed that of 55 water samples from dental surgeries in the south-west of England, 52 samples failed the European Union drinking-water safety standards.

Water lines were found to contain bacteria including legionella. Oral streptococci, normally present in the oral cavity, was found in 10% of the samples tested.  Studies have shown that up to 25% cent of DUWLs are contaminated with legionella and 95% of water in general dental practice DUWLs fails current EU potable-water guidelines on microbial load.

Legionella bacteria can be transmitted to dental staff and patients by inhalation of contaminated water droplets or aerosol generated by water-cooled high speed dental instruments. It is therefore essential to ensure that the water used during dental procedures is of a quality that does not pose any threat or risk to health to either staff or the patient.

All dental practices must perform a legionella risk assessment plus water quality testing performed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Each dental practice must also have a written document  of procedures and measures to maintain the control of legionella.  This must be devised by a competent person who can be a member of the Legionella Control Association.

What our clients say:

    • Legionella control in action: Portfolio Manager – Housing Association
    • Due to social or health factors some of our service users are especially vulnerable; we have been pleased with Second Element’s flexible approach in meeting the needs of our vulnerable residents.

    • Legionella Control in Action: Purchasing Officer – Local Authority
    • We confirm that Second Element is trusted with our legionella control at over 1000 properties. We have chosen to work with Second Element year on year for seven consecutive years.


    • Legionella Control in Action: Water Management Team Leader – Local Authority
    • Our relationship with Second Element started a number of years ago after we tragically suffered a fatality at one of our premises; following a court case that required us to improve our legionella control systems, Second Element was appointed as our Legionella Consultant. Our specification to implement our legionella control regime to the highest standard, and the financial regulations’ requirements,  mean that we are required to continually test the market place for quality and value; we believe that Second Element are the best choice for peace of mind and quality